Underground Stockholm

Project: Underground Stockholm 
Medium: Photography
Year: 2017

Photographer: Chattria Thinroj
Photographer assistant and mentor: Max Palm 
Models: Philip Thinroj
Robin Thinroj
Max Palm
Stina Palm 
Chalisa Klampaiboon
Natcha Klampaiboon
Linnéa Geijer 
Peter Savage 
Bilal Zubeidat
Dinara Ang

   Inspired by social media, seeing all the beautiful pictures taken of Solna station and for me who was born and raised in Stockholm, never thought much about the subway, those pictures became an eyeopener. I now see the subway more different and colorful, before it was just grey and dark tunnels.  ​

   I wanted to share the way I see the subway by using photography as my medium. I didn’t want too many people in the pictures because then the art and colors in the subway will lose focus.

   I’m really lucky and thankful to have friends and family that helped this project come to life.