Chattria is currently a photographer and student living in Härnösand, Sweden. Born and raised in Stockholm, Chattria spent her formative years immersed in Japanese and Chinese culture, anime, languages, pastries, and videogames. ​

At age 15, she began studying Japanese and Chinese followed only a year after. Her linguistic studies soon became a constant in her life, following her from High School to University. Hard as it was, Chattria has always known that resilience is key to any of life’s endeavors, and today she speaks Swedish, English, Thai, Japanese and Chinese fluently. Still, she strives for more.

It was at 19 that Chattria discovered the next passion of her life, when she picked up a camera and her head filled with new dreams and ideas, new goals to fulfil. Her love of photography only grew, and soon she and a group of friends had founded “Easy Travel Tips” in the hopes of inspiring others to travel the world.

Soon however, Chattria realized that her own dreams had outgrown “Easy Travel Tips”, and she ended the project, inspired by new goals.​

Now 24 years old she is well on her way towards degrees in both Digital Art as well as economics. All while maintaining her dreams and projects of travelling the world and documenting it through the lens of her camera, determined to tell the stories of places and people through art and the beauty of the cultures she encounters on the way.​

Here you may get a glimpse into how she views the world as she invites you to share in her travels and experiences.

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Text by Linnéa Geijer

Photo: Max Palm